switch securityNetwork security is very important because all network attacks are evolving in their in their ability to evade detection and sophistication. Also, attacks are becoming more targeted and have greater financial consequences for their victims.

At first articles about Layer 2 Security. Layer 2 Security is probably the most neglected part of networking security so we offer all information about different attacks to network switches and methods to resolve and fight against those attacks. Commands that you need to setup network security is offered for Juniper and also for Cisco devices. In this introductory article we will inform you about best practices that you should follow to secure the switch.

Switch security – best way of configure the switch to protect him from outside and inside attacks.

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Layer 2 Security – Switch security:

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Layer 2 security attacks: Layer 2 attacks prevention:
  1. VLAN hopping attacks – Switch Spoofing and Double tagging
  2. STP – Spanning Tree Protocol attack
  3. Mac address flooding
  4. DHCP Server Spoofing
  5. ARP Spoofing
  6. CDP attack
  7. Telnet Attack
  1. Prevent VLAN hopping attacks attacks – Spoofing and Double tagging
  2. Prevent STP attack
  3. Prevent Mac address Flooding
  4. Prevent DHCP Server Spoofing
  5. Prevent ARP Spoofing
  6. Prevent CDP attack