VMware is increasingly in networking engineer’s focus giving the fact that they started to have one of the best networking virtualization and datacenter security platform with their matured NSX-T solution.

In this series of articles, I will go through the process of building the whole VMware environment from scratch, starting from ESXi install and vSphere cluster configuration to NSX-T network virtualization and TKGI (ex PKS) Kubernetes networking and security platform.

Here’s the list of content planned and available at this time:

VMware from Scratch:

  • VMware NSX-T install
  • VMware NSX-T Install Tips & Tricks
  • VMware NSX-T Data Center v3.0 for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition configuration
  • Deploying Ops Manager with NSX-T for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition
  • Configuring BOSH Director with NSX-T
  • Installing Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition on vSphere with NSX-T
  • Installing and Configuring VMware Harbor Registry

Caveats within the install and configuration process:

There’s more on the networking in data center in the main data center section of this page, covering not only VMware but Cisco solutions and many other general topics: Software-defined datacenters