Now is the time for learn all about IPv6. There are no more IPv4 addresses and the IPv6 is coming to life more than ever before. This collection of articles will help you to understand in deep how this new Internet protocol is working and how will you be able to transition to new technology.



After reading some good material here, there is a big chance that you will be one of the minority of people who can say that the IPv6 is actually simpler than IPv4. Everybody who don’t know about IPv6 will surely tell you the opposite.

IPv6 is meant for various purposes but one main purpose it serves is that it makes life of the network administrators easier, especially when it comes to dealing with vast address space provided by IPv6 provides as compared to IPv4. In order to meet this need the automatic address configuration, autoconfiguration was created and here is the start point of learning how it works.

 IPv6 articles: