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What are networking protocols?
How to configure Cisco or Juniper devices?
How to secure your network?
If you have some similar questions on your mind you are in the right place. At first there were only few articles published about some basic networking terms, networking protocols and simple device configuration but it has grown to be a good resource even for experts. It will be expanding even more information about cutting edge networking technology stuff.

Articles on this blog will mostly mention Cisco and Juniper as vendors but the focus is on technologies and protocols not vendors. If someone else come out with great new networking solutions we are happy to talk about those solutions to, of course. We are trying to be vendor independent whenever possible.

Although the focus are networking technologies and methodologies, you can expect some casual off-topic things like python or similar stuff. Maybe you will think those are not related to networking, think about it, they are maybe just not yet totally related to networking but getting there.

When talking about device configuration it will firstly be showed how to do it on Cisco. Different network devices have different ways to configure same things, when possible, we include Juniper and other CLI examples.

Enjoy your stay at howdoesinternetwork.com and check out our BLOG timeline to read newest stuff.

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