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About Cisco IOS and Juniper JUNOS

Cisco Internetwork Operating System and Juniper OS, what are they and all about these widely spread network device operating systems.

Cisco internetwork operating system has been confirmed as the world foremost networking infrastructure software. This software presents the perfect picture of the integration of modern technology. Cisco IOS is highly accommodating for hardware platform. This operating system is popular due to its functionality. At this time, bulk of active network systems such as small home, office router and world’s leading service provider’s networks system, all are using it in order to conduct different types of operations. You can say, Cisco Internetwork Operating System is the central and extensively influenced infrastructure software for the networking all over the world.

What is internet – How does the internet work and why is so important?

Internet is relatively new technology but is one of the fastest in gaining popularity and in the spreading across the world. We can hardly imagine our normal daily life without internet. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much devices and services around us are actually internet equipped. But what makes all this devices work? How does the internet work?

That’s today theme and we will speak about the most important parts of internet technology and way this parts cooperate to give us the possibility to use network resources. In the beginning the simplest way to look at the internet is by splitting it into two main components: harware and protocols.