About Cisco IOS and Juniper JUNOS

Cisco Internetwork Operating System and Juniper OS, what are they and all about these widely spread network device operating systems.

Cisco internetwork operating system has been confirmed as the world foremost networking infrastructure software. This software presents the perfect picture of the integration of modern technology. Cisco IOS is highly accommodating for hardware platform. This operating system is popular due to its functionality. At this time, bulk of active network systems such as small home, office router and world’s leading service provider’s networks system, all are using it in order to conduct different types of operations. You can say, Cisco Internetwork Operating System is the central and extensively influenced infrastructure software for the networking all over the world.

And as a result, best part of the Cisco system’s routers (use for packets routing) and network switches (for forwarding data) as well, are employed this operating system due to its multitasking feature which is incorporated in this OS for elevated functionality of routing, switching, telecommunications and internetworking. A fixed set of commands is provided by the IOS CLI to its user. Optimization is possible global configuration mode that can offer you special commands for changing the system’s configuration. Similarly, interface configuration mode is providing you opportunity for the interface configuration changes, with commands help. But assignment of all available commands is done at the privilege level which is ranged from 0-15. Only users with the needed privileges, can access the commands.

“Cisco Internetwork Operating System” releases can be divided into a number of trains like “mainline train” known as stable release. And each release is characterized by special set of features. Well, some important terms and short forms that are attached with the IOS, known as following: Cisco IOS (Cisco Internetworking Operating System), Flash (Non-Volatile Memory used to store IOS software image), CLI (Command Line Interface), RAM (Random Access Memory), and NVRAM (Non-Volatile RAM used to store router configuration).

Juniper JUNOS OS

Network operating system “Juniper Junos” is well-known for the Juniper’s packets routing, switching processes and also best for the security devices practicality. Juniper proffers SDK (software development kit) to its customers. That kit allows them to perform customization according to their networking needs. Anyhow, main features that are offered by this product are as following:

Main features:

  • Navigation traits inside the Junos CLI and Junos J-Web interface
  • Execution of initial configuration tasks
  • Options for the user’s configuration and verification
  • Execution of secondary configuration tasks like:  system logging as well tracing, SNMP and configuration archival.
  • Opportunity of performing file system protection and recovery of password
  • Support of routing protocols in the Juniper Networks
  • Software comes along with modular design
  • Integration of stateful firewalling plus NAT as well IPSec in this software so to have the excellent security

Juniper JUNOS Architecture

“Junos” OS is actually consisted on the FreeBSD kernel that offers Unix-like OS environment: Well! Customers are allowed to get access to a Unix shell in order to execute normal Unix commands for specific purposes. This software is platform free too within a Juniper hardware system.In short, enjoy routing and security functions with a single Juniper device.


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