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GNS3 topology for INE Workbook

Now that my topology in GNS3 is exactly as in INE Workbook 1 I can share it with you if you don’t want to do all the basic configurations and connections by yourself.

After spending too much money on different rack rentals in the past few months I decided that I will definitely need to try to use GNS3 for simulating my CCIE labs. It will be the only solution if I didn’t want to spend all my money and then have no more left to pay myself trip to Cisco HQ.

GNS3 BGP topology

After one whole day of struggling with different GNS3 issues I did succeed to configure almost everything. From now I am able to use GNS3 for almost all chapters of my loved INE Workbook VOL.1 and probably VOL.2 also.

There are some things that are not available on GNS3 simulated IOS and I will try to list them below at some point. Other thing that took me some time are that the interfaces are named differently. Cisco Etherswitch Module is added to router in GNS3 order to simulate some basic switch features that is normally not available in GNS3. There is no way to use 0/0 – 0/21 port names on that Etherswitch Module. The interfaces are 1/0 – 1/15 so you cannot do nobrainer paste of config to those “switch” devices. Some serial interfaces are for example Serial 0/0 and in the workbook they are Serial 0/0/0 so this is another one. There are furthermore some other changes to witch interfaces are different devices connected but all the devices now are connected to all other devices exactly as in VOL.1 physical topology. This file down there is prepared for BGP lab chapter of INE Workbook 1. but keep in mind that it can be good for all other parts of the Workbook as the interface configuration is not changed across the Workbook 1 so you just need to modify routing to get started with other chapters.

Do the topology by yourself, you will learn more!

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CCIE R&S v5 blueprint announcement?

UPDATE on 2.11.2013 – There will be an update in February 2014!

Read all about the new announcement in the latest article here! with all new topics added and removed from CCIE lab exam v5.



UPDATE on 23.07.2013 – There will be not update this year to v5 at least not for now…

So, there are some news. The news is that at this moment, few weeks after Cisco Live in Orlando we can say that CCIE lab exam v5 update is not going to happen this year. I other words, for us studying for the lab exam, the old topology and all the topics from v4 are still valid. Many of us will think now that we can be in peace for another year now and try to learn and understand everything so that we can pass the exam before the change. From my perspective, maybe this is not the whole truth. I think that even the change in the exam and all the topics mentioned down here that would change will not necessary mean that the exam would become more difficult. My perspective is that if you are prepared to pass the CCIE lab on v4, you will be probably also prepared to pass it on v5. My point is in that there is so many networking topics covered here that all the changes would not disturb you in your goal, maybe only those people who studied but not really with 100% understanding. The road to CCIE is not short, and is not easy either but it can be fun and in the end it will be worth the effort.

Learn and enjoy the process to, not only thinking on the resulting cert. In that way, you will probably be more succesful even in the CCIE lab changes a bit.

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