Month: January 2012

RPC – Remote Procedure Call

RPC or a remote procedure call, in the computer world, is required for a communication session of the inner processes. That will also let the computer programs to search out subroutines or else procedures for execution using any other address spaces. But all this can be done without a programmer’s coding facilitation in order to perform the remote interaction. Anyhow, a programmer can write the same code for the both local and remote subroutine.

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RTP – Real-time Transport Protocol

RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol)

Application layer protocol RTP is accessible in the TCP/IP protocol suite. Assigned port for this protocol is 5004 and it belongs to the working groups “AVT” and “FEC Framework”. As a standardized packets format, Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) is used to deliver the audio or video or both on the IP networks. IETF standards association working group of Audio and Video Transport was built up it, at first.

Features of RTP are included end to end communication and data streams transmission in real time manners. But transfer of data to more than one destination is done with the IP multicast support in case of RTP. Moreover, RTP as a primary audio/video transport standard within the IP networks is used along with payload format and connected profile. Today, communication and entertainment systems with streaming media (telephony) are being used it extensively. And some common examples of such systems are such as teleconference applications and television services.

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What is SOPA – Stop Online Piracy Act

Everybody is speaking about it these days, lets say something about what is this SOPA thing about.

SOPA as a legislative bill is introduced to uphold material, ingenuity, private enterprise, and originality therefore to discourage the one’s property’s burglary. The stop online piracy Act was proposed as the United States law in the form of bill by the Republican so to make bigger the U.S. law enforcement ability in order to fight against online copyright issue of any give and take business or an intellectual property.

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About Juniper – What is Juniper exactly

As-regards Juniper Networks

juniperMultinational publicly registered IT Company, “Juniper Networks” and its logo both are the listed trademarks of the Juniper Networks, Inc. which is today’s leader in their performance relating networking. Company was established in the year of 1996 by Mr. Pradeep Sindhu. But at the moment, Juniper’s headquarter is situated in the California with lots branches in the different areas of the world.

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CDP – Cisco Discovery Protocol

CDP – Cisco Discovery Protocol is a powerful network monitoring and troubleshooting tool for Cisco devices. CDP is a tool used by network administrators to see information about directly connected Cisco devices. CDP is a tool that enables you to access a summary of protocol and see information about Cisco devices that are connected. Each Cisco device sends periodic messages. These are known as CDP advertisements. Cisco device is sending them to other directly connected Cisco devices. These advertisements contain information about the types of devices that are connected, IP configuration of devices on other side, interfaces they are connected to, the interfaces used to make the connections, and the model numbers of the devices.

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