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As-regards Juniper Networks

juniperMultinational publicly registered IT Company, “Juniper Networks” and its logo both are the listed trademarks of the Juniper Networks, Inc. which is today’s leader in their performance relating networking. Company was established in the year of 1996 by Mr. Pradeep Sindhu. But at the moment, Juniper’s headquarter is situated in the California with lots branches in the different areas of the world.

They have been demonstrated be-concerned towards their customers by providing an excellent range of networking solutions. As you know, Juniper Networks is the top vendor service in the field of the firewall and VPN solutions. Besides this, company is focusing in the areas of internet protocol (IP) networking products and services. This IT Company has been earned the good name by providing reliable along with high-performance routers in the market.

Core Proficiencies

An IT professional can observe the competencies in a Juniper Network by judging the assembly of its architecture, functionality of its OS (operating system) and by its silicon design. For your information, products offered by the company are included: switches, security products, application acceleration and management tools, etc. These products can be:

  • E-series, J-series, M-series, T-series routers families
  • EX-series Ethernet switches
  • Optimization devices like WX-series WAN
  • Appliances for the control of SRC session and resource

IP modular, Juniper’s network “OS JUNOS” is being run on the most Juniper products. And best examples for its usage are: most suitable for routing, switching and for the security platforms.

Juniper Achievement

Juniper Company has got the hold of the technologies and companies, including: Layer Five, Micromagic, Pacific Broadband, Nexsi Systems, Unisphere Networks, NetScreen Technologies, Peribit Networks, Acorn Packet Solutions and Funk Software, Juniper Networks K.K. (Japan), Juniper Networks International Limited (Cayman Islands), Juniper Networks U.K. Ltd. (United Kingdom), Juniper Networks Australia Ltd. (Australia), and Juniper Networks South Asia Ltd. (Hong Kong) etc.

At this point, some light can be putted on the most prominent products by Juniper Company. Intrusion detection as well as prevention is possible with Juniper Networks products. Only an accurate network security solution can make sure the nonstop accessibility of important business applications by classifying the application traffic. Anyhow, tools for the detection and prevention can supply all-inclusive inline security to your network from the worms, Trojans, malware and spyware etc.

But MAG Series Junos Pulse Gateways are used as access gateways. These are modular in design. And well enough to meet up the requirements of secure remote and local area networks access needs of an enterprise either big or moderate in size. Moreover, Juniper Networks leading SA Series SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) VPN Appliances can provide guarantee to the distant mobile employees or customers for the VPN secure right of entry anytime, somewhere to the company network’s applications plus resources.

In addition to this, smartphones and mobile devices with major operating systems such as Apple iOS or Google Android etc can trust on the Junos pulse mobile security suite for getting the protection against viruses, malware, theft or other similar threats. It as well transports robust out of the way devices like RIM BlackBerry, MS Windows mobile, and Nokia Symbian’s monitoring and management tools. The main benefit of Junos pulse mobile security suite is its ability to remotely position, track or lock the stolen mobiles. It (security suite) can also keep an eye on the devices utilization and access. This software works as a SaaS service that offers and make security features deployment quick and simple.

On the other hand, vGW Series (a virtualization solution for security) is included: a hypervisor characteristic for protecting the virtual firewall and virtual machine’s traffic insides the virtualized data centers etc. A virtual machine (VM) manager is, in fact, a program that permits various operating systems to allocate a sole hardware host. This program can be in charge of the host processor as well as resources and it is allocated for each OS (operating system).

Leading SA series SSL VPN equipments provide surety to the remote and mobile employees and customers to enjoy the VPN secure access to their company’s network resources and applications, anytime.

Juniper routers are reportedly behind an Internet outage that affected service providers and Web sites around the globe Monday morning.

The blogosphere was abuzz on reports that a core dump of main memory on Juniper routers knocked off sites worldwide. The core memory dump, which affected routers running Junos 10.2 and 10.3, was caused by a BGP update bug, according to tweets from affected sites.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Global Internet outage only briefly delays social media users from griping

Juniper acknowledged that its edge routers were experiencing a BGP anomaly and that it issued a software fix.

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