Month: October 2011

DNS – Domain Name System

Generally, DNS represents to Domain Name System. But sometimes it is referred to Domain Name Service too. Anyhow, DNS system is a multi-level distributed naming system for whether computers, services, or any other resource, connected to the internet or else a private network. The main purpose of this system is to join together relevant information and domain names that are allotted to online participating entities.

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UDP – User Datagram Protocol

Let’s see what is UDP – User Datagram Protocol. Inside the computer world, term “networking” is denoted to the physical joining of two machines for different purposes like communication and data distribution. But mesh of this hardware and computer’s software can communicated with each other with the help of specially designed protocols. Moreover, computer networks can be categorized on the basis of such communication languages (protocols) used by a network.

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Backbone – What is backbone?

Backbone in a computer network is the innermost conduit which is designed to transport traffic at a very high speed amongst attached systems. The core idea of its existence is to make best use of a network by achieving reliability, all-encompassing performances and long-distance improved data communications.

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VPN – What is VPN and how it works?

A VPN (virtual private network) offers network connection possibility over an extensive physical distance (remoteness). But you need to know that it can work over both on private networks and public networks (Internet).

VPN in simple words make possible for clients or whole LAN-s on other side of the internet to connect into main LAN pesmises and have the “technical impression” that they are localy connected to this site. This includes gaining the local IP address from local DHCP pool, possibility to use all the LAN resources that are defined by the administrator etc.

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Phishing – What is phishing?

What is phishing? – in the cyber world, phishing is a serious crime and that can be referred to as online fraud. This sin is made in the form of online attacks with the help of forged e-mails and counterfeit websites in order to obtain the confidential and sensitive information of those who are involved in online correspondence and transactions etc. In case of fake websites, these are copycat in designing and other features of any reputable organization’s original site. Such as, a bank website can be used in this concern by Phishers to prepare its copy.

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