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Difference between Routed and Routing Protocols

Routed Protocols vs. Routing Protocols
RoutingIn this article we will cover the difference between Routed Protocols and Routing Protocols. This is one of the thing that can be asked of you if you are attending a job interview or if you are going to CCNA exam so, you must know the difference between a “routed” protocol and a “routing protocol” as one of the key concepts in the Routing world and networking world.

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Dynamic Routing Protocols

Dynamic Routing ProtocolsIf we speak about what is networking and then try explain how does networking work or maybe how does internet work in some technical way, soon we will have to mention the routing protocols. We should mention routing protocols as the most important networking protocols when it comes to transfer packets from origin to destination points on the network. After all they are responsible for finding the best way across our multipath network.

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