Books that I like

I was planning for some time now to make a list of books I read recently, here’s the list

It should be something like a book reading suggestion list in order to maybe help you pick the right materials in your networking technology learning journey.

On the top are the books I used most while studying for my certs but also some of them are the books that I usually carry with me on my Kindle or PDF wherever I go. It is always a good idea to have those books on you so you can have a look at some details when you need them.

After NETWORKING part of the list, which is normally at the top, I made the list of books that I read when resting from networking or when preparing some papers for my PhD. Those ones are mostly about physics, statistics and some theory books like books about graph theory and similar things.

The list will be updated with more details about the books and some will be added because I surely forgot few of them.

Here’s the list: Books




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