INE v5 Full-Scale Practice Lab1 TS GNS3 topology

Few days ago I added an article with Config GNS3 topology for newly published INE Routing and Switching Workbook v5 Full-Scale LAB1. Here’s now the topology with starting config of TS section for LAB1.

I will not insert here any of my stories today as the same article was published before but with other topology files so if you would like more info, just go to previous post INE R&Sv5 Workbook Full-Scale Practice Lab1 made in GNS3



Everything should work fine in this lab except OSPF Loop-Free Alternate Fast Reroute which is not supported so you will be unable to do one of the tickets. The second this is BFD. With BFD configured in MPLS core my routers started to crash so I simply removed bfd from all router configs.

  • INE R&S Workbook 5 Full-Scale Practice Lab1 TS

    • To make everything work without any tuning of the configuration and topology files I did prepare this in a way that if you unzip the file directly to C:\ it will put there GNS3_INEv5 folder from which you can simply start the topology file.
    • If you unzip somewhere else, you will need to change the path for IOS image and config files directory inside topology file. (

    If there is something that does not work please leave a comment so I will try to fix it. I hope this will help you get started with GNS3 learning.


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