When they throw a Cisco guy to do something with HP networking gear

…There’s a nice little pdf to get you through

UPDATE on 13 Nov 2015:
It was a real pleasure to have Jeff Carell joining in with a comment about an updated version of “HP Networking and Cisco CLI Reference Guide”. Jeff is the author of “Guide to TCP/IP 4th Ed”, a great network fellow and IPv6 enthusiast whose work on informing the community about networking technology is greatly appreciated by the author of this blog. Link is added to the end of the post. Thanks Jeff.

HP is aware that most of networking engineers start their learning process in Cisco Networking Academy. Is is a normal course of events if you want to learn networking. Cisco has the very best study materials and best, carefully developed syllabus that is both high quality and most detailed in the world of networking. Not to mention the high reputation that engineers get with Cisco certificates standing by their names.

Cisco CLI

On the other hand, when you take an average mid-size business customer today you will probably see that he is mostly concerned about the price and not so much about the feature-set and robustness of IT equipment. And there you have your situation in which customer decides to go with HP rather than Cisco gear in their communication closet.

You as a networking engineer, of course, with focus on Cisco devices and their way of configuring in command line interface – CLI are getting the job to connect to HP switch CLI and configure few basic thing like vlans, trunk ports, and management access. Soon enough you will see what vendors difference in CLI design is all about. On HP all the logic behind vlan tagging, trunks, access ports is upside down is you are coming from Cisco world. The other thing that you will surely notice is HP documentation and the fact that is not really close to Cisco’s nicely sorted documentation where all that you need is in one place.

Here’s a nice little pdf from HP that will keep you going

HP is aware of all above mentioned things so they made this nice pdf book that’s free to download from their site.

UPDATE on 13 Nov 2015:

Networking and Cisco CLI Reference Guide – Version 2” will, as the name claims, help you in configuring HP even if Cisco IOS CLI is the only thing you are familiar with. You have almost 300 pages of compared commands for everything starting from management IP address to simple QoS config.

The link is to google search as it will probably take HP only few weeks to change the link to this book again. You need to register of their site in order to download this pdf for free.



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