Month: June 2013

CCIE R&S v5 blueprint announcement?

UPDATE on 2.11.2013 – There will be an update in February 2014!

Read all about the new announcement in the latest article here! with all new topics added and removed from CCIE lab exam v5.



UPDATE on 23.07.2013 – There will be not update this year to v5 at least not for now…

So, there are some news. The news is that at this moment, few weeks after Cisco Live in Orlando we can say that CCIE lab exam v5 update is not going to happen this year. I other words, for us studying for the lab exam, the old topology and all the topics from v4 are still valid. Many of us will think now that we can be in peace for another year now and try to learn and understand everything so that we can pass the exam before the change. From my perspective, maybe this is not the whole truth. I think that even the change in the exam and all the topics mentioned down here that would change will not necessary mean that the exam would become more difficult. My perspective is that if you are prepared to pass the CCIE lab on v4, you will be probably also prepared to pass it on v5. My point is in that there is so many networking topics covered here that all the changes would not disturb you in your goal, maybe only those people who studied but not really with 100% understanding. The road to CCIE is not short, and is not easy either but it can be fun and in the end it will be worth the effort.

Learn and enjoy the process to, not only thinking on the resulting cert. In that way, you will probably be more succesful even in the CCIE lab changes a bit.

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DCCP – Datagram Congestion Control Protocol

DCCP transport layer protocol is used to control the datagram congestion. It provides an excellent procedure to stop the internet fall down, if it is caused by the congestion. In fact, this protocol is a brilliant competitor to be used as a substitute of UDP protocol.

DCCP account DCCP congestion control trait by means of a reliable acknowledgments delivery (in form of packets instead of bytes) will provide actually a congestion control with dynamism. DCCP will also make available the negotiable blocking control mechanism, but it will be up to the particular application’s specific requirements too. Moreover, these mechanisms come with a number of specific features, so to go well with different types of applications. The bandwidth consumption can be enhanced as the size of packets in case of DCCP is increased.

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Don’t use on work LAN

This story will be a turning point for my blog future starting with a change in writing methods and changing those methods to a more causal fashion.


Flame VirusFor now all my text here where somehow depersonalized and tech oriented in a way that it was all written like in some book. User manual to me concise. Maybe this is the main reason that now when I got back to revise some parts of the texts there was an impression that those text are very boring. There is something missing inside them, maybe me?
Of course, I didn’t start to write this blog two years ago because there was a huge need for someone new to write about old networking stories about protocols and networking standards. I did start to write because I was young enthusiastic freshy networker who was in his all day job searching, part-time Cisco teaching and CCNP studying period.
That was actually not job free time for me, but it was intense and fulfilling time. Having some experience with web before and now spending whole days with my head inside Cisco Press books it was somehow natural to start a blog. Yes I know, everybody wants to write something on the web, but that is the main reason for this post, I you wondered what is this all about. I can now finally say that if I did not give up writing this blog until now then it’s the real proof that there is actually somebody reading it and that I can finally consider myself a networking blogger but more that all an networking geek. Jup, that’s right, there are people who are not ashamed of being geeky technicians.

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