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What is network? A computer network in simple form can be consisted on just two computers that are allied to share available resources as variety of hardware, files and to correspond with each other. But in broad sense, this network can enclose thousands of computers in it because running a big business in traditional way can be a difficult task without a network and that provides an easy way to be in touch and cooperate with employees too. That means computer’s networking is referred to the assemblage of various kinds of hardware components plus computer’s interconnection with the help of communications mediums. The key purpose of networking is to allow the sharing of an organization’s resources as well as information.


Distributed networking system permits the attached machines to act together for the common goal in view. Single task can be divided among those working on that system. Networking is also very useful for getting the IT support. Issue on one computer can be handles easily using other computer system by the administrator within a single system.


As local area network is the focal point of today’s businesses and companies involved in trade are in particular investing time and money in establishing, maintaining and administrating their system. But they can sometimes face the trouble within their network’s connecting devices due to some specific kinds of security threats. So besides tools that can help you in setting up and running networks, you also need some specially designed security offering devices (firewall). That should be installed as the safety measures in your local area network.


Anyhow, security can be referred as some activities designed to protect your network. Such activities provide a safeguard particularly for the usability, integrity and protection of both hardware components and data. If your security measures will be effective and updated then they can target the variety of threats efficiently in order to stop them from incoming to your computer’s network.

But what types of possible threats can damage or insecure your network! These can be of different nature and are designed by using different computer languages if viruses. Anyway, purpose of all these threats is the same, to harm the security of your network. The most common threats types can be those as stated below:

  • Viruses as Trojan horses
  • Worms
  • Adware software (advertisement supporting software)
  • Zero-hour attacks
  • Hacker’s attack
  • Data interception and theft
  • Denial of service (DOS)attacks

Therefore, for avoiding the above mentioned threats, you can implement multiple layers of safety measures within your network because if one will fail, the other will be on hand as a stand to protect the web of computers.

In short, a secure network can be a mishmash of machines, software, and some security measures either in the form of hardware (firewall) or software (anti virus programs). Though, topology (layout model of interconnected devices) can be any from the following: ring, star, mesh, tree, bus, line and so on. Select anyone to configure your organization network according to the needs and facilities on hand.


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