Month: December 2011

XMPP – Extensible Messaging & Presence Protocol

XMPP instant messaging protocol that uses an open systems approach of development and application. It means that anyone who wants can  implement an XMPP service and that will give him the possibility to his app to interoperate with other implementations by other peoples apps.

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SPDY – reducing web page load time protocol

Networking protocol “SPDY” is used commonly to transport the web content. It is the shortened form of “SPeeDY”. Google (Google Chrome & Chromium) uses this protocol to promote the open-source project (chromium web browser) protocol in order to improve the functionality of HTTP protocol. Since, speeding up the act of transmission is achieved via compression which is the feature of SPDY. In other words, it is developed to access the Google’s web services via browser, named as Google chrome.

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Cisco Switch password recovery – Catalyst Fixed Configuration Switches

Cisco Switch password recovery

After you set passwords to control access to the Cisco IOS CLI, you need to make sure you remember them. In case you have lost or forgotten access passwords, Cisco has a password recovery mechanism that allows administrators to gain access to their Cisco devices.

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Optical Fiber – Fiber Optics

Fiber optic

Today’s finest technology “Fiber optic” is making use of glass or plastic threads objects for the at hand better results during the process of transmitting data with their help. Usually, this fiber is consisted on a cluster of glass fibers. And every piece of this particularly popular technology is able to transmit messages.

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