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IP Address – Internet Protocol address: Basic about IPv4

An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is actually a numerical tag that is assigned to each participating device over the network either a computer or a printer. These devices are attached via networking using internet protocols for their communication.

Two main functions of an IP address are given under:

  1. Identifying a host or a network interface
  2. allocating addresses

Phishing – What is phishing?

What is phishing? – in the cyber world, phishing is a serious crime and that can be referred to as online fraud. This sin is made in the form of online attacks with the help of forged e-mails and counterfeit websites in order to obtain the confidential and sensitive information of those who are involved in online correspondence and transactions etc. In case of fake websites, these are copycat in designing and other features of any reputable organization’s original site. Such as, a bank website can be used in this concern by Phishers to prepare its copy.

Server – What is a server and how it works?

In the world of information technology, the expression “server” can either be referred to simply hardware (computer) or computer software. But in term of hardware, a computer can be utilized as a server with the backing of a specially designed program. This system now can grant services to other computer’s programs, to their users and to other computers. A server can be foremost part of a network to practice certain course of action on the request of client. Anyhow, the processed data can be delivered to other computers by the way of either a local network or the Internet.