Server – What is a server and how it works?

In the world of information technology, the expression “server” can either be referred to simply hardware (computer) or computer software. But in term of hardware, a computer can be utilized as a server with the backing of a specially designed program. This system now can grant services to other computer’s programs, to their users and to other computers. A server can be foremost part of a network to practice certain course of action on the request of client. Anyhow, the processed data can be delivered to other computers by the way of either a local network or the Internet.Server  - What is a server and how it works?According to the client/server architecture, a server program waits for and then executes on reception the different nature of requests from the client programs. Normally systems with client/server model are preferred in a network; best examples of this architecture are websites and electronic mail services.
Following are some more general types:

  1. Web servers
  2. FTP servers
  3. proxy servers
  4. Application servers
  5. Print server
  6. Database servers

Web Server
Contents delivered over the internet can be accessed via web server as in case of hosting websites. This system provides content to the browser by loading a specific file from disk as a result of client’s request. This kind of data exchange can be the consequence of a browser and server talk that can be performed with the help of HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol). Anyway, you can convert any computer into a Web server just by installing related software. But you can make use of it only after connecting the machine to the Internet.
A numbers of Web server applications from NCSA, Apache, Microsoft, Netscape and others are available in the market.

FTP Server
He runs the File Transfer Protocol so to exchange files between systems over the Internet. TCP/IP protocols are used for the transferring data.
FTP is for the most part frequently used medium to downloading files to or from any computer with the help of Internet like uploading Webpage to hosting provider reserved space.

Proxy Server
Is always being seated between the server and client computer. A proxy (computer) allows client to make a roundabout network connection to some other network services. So a client can get required data, resources or connections that are available on some other servers just by connecting to a proxy server. Requested jobs are fulfilled by providing called resources after connecting to the specified server. Otherwise, a proxy server can serve to client from cache.
In some specific cases, proxy system can alter the client’s request or server’s response for some purposes. You can observe some further types of proxy servers such as:

  • Web proxy that provides close at hand cache of WebPages, files and other data, available for you on a remote Web server. That machine also allows to clients to fetch requested data more quickly or reliably.
  • Transparent proxy can be at your hand for improved quality of service in term of higher bandwidth. Identification and making of original IP addresses jobs are done by them as proxy servers.

Application Server (Appserver)
Is also a computer that runs software to handle different application operations across a network. Processes for transmitting data are performed between user and a business application or else database at the backend. These servers serve for several transactions related applications and come with built-in redundancy and monitoring abilities.

Print Server
These are set up to distribute a single printer amongst multiple users over a network.  They supply the way to route printing requests, sent by users from any other workstations over the network.

Database Server
A database application system is especially made for the client/server networking environment which is separated as front-end (operated at a workstation) and back-end (operated on a server).


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