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Routing – How are routers working?

Routers job is to determine the best path for a packet across the network

The primary responsibility of a router is to forward packets to local or remote network by deciding the best path to send packets and then forward packets toward their destination using that path.

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Routing – Static and Dynamic routes – What is route?

What is Routing and what Static and Dynamic routes means?
Routing packetsIn the theory of networking, we must mention the concept of routing to help explain how networking works and what exactly is networking. Simply, the word “routing” is meant by map-reading or direction-finding. But in the computer’s world, it is a system for forwarding the information from some network node to another over an internetwork such as from a starting point (source) to its ending point (destination).

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Data Packet – IP Packet – What is this packet story all about?

From the computer networking point of view, a packet is referred to a planned data unit. But certain computer communication links such as point to point communication don’t support data packets. In such cases, data is simply transmitted as an array of bytes or characters etc over the medium. Anyway, transformation of data into packets is a good way to achieve better bitrate of a communication medium in the course of sharing data amongst the users.

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