VLANs controling broadcast propagation

The Control of Broadcast

In every network where data is sent over to some node broadcasts take place, there are three things upon which the frequency of broadcast depends:

  • Kind of protocol
  • Type of the running functions and various applications on the internetwork
  • The way these services are utilized.

In order to lower the bandwidth requirements of older functions or applications these have been written again to make the code simpler and bandwidth consumption lower. The problem is in the advance generation of functions and sophisticated applications that require more and more bandwidth, to be honest these applications consume all they get. The multimedia applications are included in these bandwidth abusers that make use of extensive multicasts as well as broadcasts. If there is a defect in the device, the segmentation is not adequate, and the firewalls are designed poorly then this will create more problems to the problems created by broadcast-intensive applications. On one hand, the network design has improved but on the other hand, the administrator will be facing new problems. It is quite important to adequately segment the network so that the issue of every segment can be separated as a result of which the spreading or propagation of the problem throughout the internetwork can be avoided. If we say a problem, we think about network congestion of some kind for that network segment. With the help of routing and strategic switching this can be carried out quite effectively. Nowadays, these switches have become a standard and the hubs ar now a part of a past. Wast majority of companies, if any has these devices until our days, are replacing their old networks (flat hub) with switched network as well as VLANs setting. In VLAN all the devices are actually members of the common broadcast domain and so they get all broadcasts. The filtering of the broadcasts take place from all ports on a switch that are not affiliated with the same VLAN. This is a positive point as it offers the advantages that you get with a switched design without experiencing any problem provided if all the users were part of the same broadcast domain.



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