LAN – Local Area Network

What is LAN? Connecting two PCs for the purpose of sharing data and attached peripherals that mean, you have established a LAN (local area network). But the figure of computers connected within a LAN can be fixed and can be to a limit of several hundreds computer systems.

what is LAN?But as name shows, this set-up of computers is limited in nature. In which two or else more computers are connected with wires or without wire (wireless) as one system within the premises of a single building. In such cases, there is a main machine (computer) that functions as a server that runs individually designed software to serve others attached remote computers that are called clients. But the key purpose of creating a LAN either at home or office is to files sharing, resources distribution and if desired, an internet connection sharing amongst connected computers.

Certain characteristics like: topology type, protocols and media (twisted pair etc) can differentiate one LAN from another.

Varieties in the LAN System

Two common categories can be observed in the local area network. These types are named as: wired and wireless LAN. In accordance with the first category (wired) of local area network, Ethernet cable is required to hook up all the computers physically within a network to the main device that is identifies as switch.

Cisco LAN Switches can provide you the all-inclusive coverage of the most excellent techniques for scheming and for making use of them in an outstanding way. At present time, the deployment of LAN switches in any up to date campus can be desired of its holder. IT professional’s guidance is also counted a lot in this regard. But switches as a crucial component of most networks enable a number of users to send are receive information on a network in a much fast way. And users have to send their information without slowing down each other in a smooth and efficient way while working simultaneously. This device bears a resemblance to an external modem and employed for the information direction on the network. To allow the communication amongst several poles apart networks, switch utilization can be good idea. But if a LAN is talking to a wide area network such as an internet then a router is required in addition.

On the other hand, wireless local area network can communicate with other systems using the radio waves as communication medium. That means there is no need for mesh of wires in this case. But for customer’s convenience, a DSL peripheral modem is available now with the built-in switch and router technologies so you can buy one for either wireless or wired network configurations.

LAN’s Electrical System

Near the beginning, LAN’s cabling was done using coaxial cable of different grades. But shielded and unshielded twisted pair was used later in the Token ring and Star LAN implementation which became the reason of 10Base-T development. Fiber-optic cabling is nowadays being used for the commercial based applications. For wireless LAN, Wi-Fi has grown to be the most commonly used technology. It also requires minimal cabling and best for laptops as well as smart-phones systems.

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