About Cisco – What is Cisco exactly

If we are speaking about all these networking devices that give us the ability to use networks, we must also say something about the biggest international company that produces most of networking devices, designs and establishes computer networks across the world – CISCO.

Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American intercontinental company that has its headquartered in the San Jose (California). Company was made public on February 16, 1990 when its market capitalization was reached to $224 million. And as a result, it was added in the list of Nasdaq stock exchange.

The main products of the Cisco Corporation are provided work for designing and establishing computers networks either they are LANs or WANs. Besides this, company is involved in the sales of electronics, voice and communications related technology and other services with the assistance of their over 70,000 employees. Cisco has earned US$ 40.0 billion annual revenue in the year 2010.

Cisco Router and Ethernet switches

Cisco has contributed a lot in the field of networking. This company was introduced 1st time multiple networking protocols supporting routers for the commercial usage. In the years 1992, 1993 and 1994, several Ethernet switching companies such as “Kalpana” and “Grand Junction” came under the umbrella of Cisco Systems. In that interim, company offered the layer 3 routing along with layer 2 Token Ring and Ethernet switching for the several poles apart architectures as their complementary functions. Though, early technology was spun-out and complex but later certain improvement in it was resulted in increased speed and simple in use tools.

The extra special internet growth in the 1990’s mid was made the IP a widely used internet protocol but Cisco tried their best to manage the situation by offering a wide array of products, that were essential to the ISPs (Internet service providers). Consequently in the year 2000, Cisco arose as a valuable corporation worldwide.

Furthermore, gradual changes in the internet bandwidth requirements and other related issues was solved as a challenge when company came back with ASICs chip and high speed processing cards especially those were designed for the GSR routers as well as for the Catalyst 6500 switches. Besides these achievements, some other prominent products of Cisco were introduced in the year 2004. These are named as CRS-1 (hardware) and IOS-XR (software architecture).

Cisco existing products and services range is mainly focused on the corporate market including both enterprise networking solutions (for borderless network products like: router, switches and wireless systems etc) and service providers, Small Business (Wi-Fi access points and network storage system) and the Home Users (broadband and video conferencing).

Some prominent hardware products are included: Cisco IP SPA500 Series Phones, routers 1000, 2500 series, ASR series routers, Cisco Unified 8900 and 9900 series IP Phones, Cisco Application Delivery Controller, Security appliances such as ASA 5500 and PIX 500 series, Cisco UCS (unified computing system), Cisco catalyst 2900 series, Cisco catalyst 3000 series, wireless IP 7920 phone, Cisco Wireless LAN and so on.

But in the field of software Cisco Active Network Abstraction, Network management software, Cisco NAC Appliance, NX operating system, Security manager are of most importance.

Nowadays, top ranked Cisco Systems, Inc is captivating a number of steps in order to expand its technology involving TelePresence videoconferencing ahead of enterprise conferencing rooms, by bringing in two endpoints along with the free client software for informal applicants so to be downloaded.


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