Basic Cisco and Juniper router Configuration

This article will help you understand and manage basic configuration of devices from different brands. With Cisco and Juniper router configurations, you will be able to manage network that is made of devices from other sellers, not only Cisco.  In that way, you will not be in problems when making some implementation, changes or troubleshooting connectivity issues on multi-brand network topologies.Basic configuration on Router of any kind consists of configuring hostname in the first place, and then passwords for different kinds of access lines. Access lines that must be configured in basic config are console port and telnet remote connection. After access lines we are approaching to interface configuration that consists of adding IP address and subnet mask and the command for enabling the interface. Optional is to configure the description of the interface that will be useful in the running-configuration examination and troubleshooting.

In short, basic config consists of:

  • Hostname
  • Enable Secret password
  • Console line
  • Telnet line
  • Interface
    • IP address and subnet mask
    • Enabling interface
    • Description (optional)

Topology View

R1 - simple configuration topology


Cisco config

Basic configuration:

Juniper config


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