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Voice protocols – VoIP protocols

VoIP protocols functionalityThis article will list all well known and famous “voice protocols”. And, also we will shed some light on various things that those protocols are doing that make up a voice over IP network functional.

VoIP Protocols

VoIP networks are very popular these days. In order to support communication between traditional PBXs, Cisco IP phones, analog PSTN, and the analog telephones, all over IP network, quite a number of protocols are needed. Few protocols are indicating protocols (for instance, MGCP, H.323, SIP, H.248, and SCCP) used to position, sustain, and bring down a call. Other protocols are marked at the real voice packets (for example, SRTP, RTCP, and RTP) relatively indicating information. Few of the most common VoIP protocols are shown and described here.

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