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How to prevent or stop DoS attacks?

application layer firewallThe response and prevention

In order to defend against Denial of Service attacks the combination of attack detection use is typically involved in it, classification of traffic as well as response tools, and the target is to block traffic if identified as illegal and permit the legal traffic only after identifying it. Below is a list of response tools as well as prevention:


The rules of firewalls are quite simple like to permit or not to permit ports, protocols, or IP addresses. There are some DoS attacks that are quite complicated for number of firewalls, for example if an attack occurs on port 80 (web service), it is not easy for the firewalls to differentiate between the bad traffic and the good traffic of DoS attack so the filter packet filter firewalls cannot prevent the attack. In addition, firewalls may be located too deeply in the network. Even before the traffic enters the firewall the affect on routers may take place. However, firewalls can play an effective role in preventing users from the launch of even simple flooding attacks that can occur from the machines behind the firewall.

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