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What is my IP address

Online visitors usually want to know their IP address for certain reasons like: for game playing purpose, technical support, remote connection and proxy detection etc. Moreover, they can also check is their address changed or still there are using their personal e-mail server. If you want to gallop your personal e-mail or web server then static IP address will best for you.

IP Address – Internet Protocol address: Basic about IPv4

An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is actually a numerical tag that is assigned to each participating device over the network either a computer or a printer. These devices are attached via networking using internet protocols for their communication.

Two main functions of an IP address are given under:

  1. Identifying a host or a network interface
  2. allocating addresses

IPv6 addresses – What is IPv6?

IPv6 addresses – what is this all about?What is IPv6 – IPv6 addresses – what is this all about? Why we need IPv6 addresses? What is this buzz all about? When the IP protocol and addressing technology first came out, there was not even close so many devices in the world that could connect to the Internet. It was hard to imagine that we will have the need to make IP addresses longer that 32-bit. So we make them 32-bit addresses and call them IPv4 address. We were not able to imagine that we will have close to 4,294,967,296 devices online? This number is simple 232 = 4,294,967,296 that means the number of different IP addresses that we can generate with 32 digits (bit) number.