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The unique Gopher arrangements were taken as public in the year 1991 and you can view its depiction from the RFC 1436. This protocol was given the almost same name as of the sport’s team of Minnesota University, “Golden Gophers”.

The TCP/IP Application layer protocol “Gopher” was launched to share out, uncover, and to process documents online. Though initially, it was opened for communal as a smart option against WWW (World Wide Web) because of its menu documentation support, but in due course it remained completely futile to receive any popularity. The reason behind this infamy was that it offered some non maintainable, by the Web, features. According to one school of thought, the reason of this protocol’s collapse was its some degree of structure too and that was its non-flexibility especially when compared it to Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTML, which is Gopher’s real competitor.

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