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FTP – File Transfer Protocol

To get the general idea on the subject of FTP, it is important to be acquainted with the word protocol as a significant set of rules and conventions. The aim behind the protocols introduction intent was to make available communication (computer to computer) facilities. And well designed FTP is most suitable for this purpose and that’s why still in use. Though, it is on the screen since 1970s.

FTP is resided on the application layer of OSI standard model so particular tasks can be obtained with its use such as to uphold intercontinental communication and to produce standards relating online communication. File Transfer Protocol is well documented in the form of RFC 959. But all other related documents on the FTP technicality overviews are available at RFC sourcebook. The reliability of this protocol can be judged from that, it belongs to the oldest internet protocols family but can be implemented with the help of TCP protocol.

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