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CDP – Cisco Discovery Protocol

CDP – Cisco Discovery Protocol is a powerful network monitoring and troubleshooting tool for Cisco devices. CDP is a tool used by network administrators to see information about directly connected Cisco devices. CDP is a tool that enables you to access a summary of protocol and see information about Cisco devices that are connected. Each Cisco device sends periodic messages. These are known as CDP advertisements. Cisco device is sending them to other directly connected Cisco devices. These advertisements contain information about the types of devices that are connected, IP configuration of devices on other side, interfaces they are connected to, the interfaces used to make the connections, and the model numbers of the devices.

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CDP Attacks – Cisco Discovery Protocol Attack

CDP – The Cisco Discovery Protocol is a proprietary protocol that all Cisco devices can use by default. CDP discovers other Cisco devices that are directly connected, which makes possible to the devices to auto-configure their connection in some cases, simplifying configuration and connectivity. CDP messages are not encrypted.

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