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SAP – Session Announcement Protocol

Session Announcement Protocol as an experimental protocol designed for the purpose of multicasting a session’s information. IETF issued it as RFC 2974. SDP (Session Description Protocol) is being used by SAP as real-time transport protocol’s session depiction arrangement. With SAP use, correspondent can transmit SDP descriptions from time to time to an acknowledged multicast address and also to port.


Sytek Inc developed NetBIOS in 1983 as an API (a specification proposed for using it as an interface to communicate by software parts) for software contact over IBM PC LAN networking technology. The Network Basic Input/Output System (NetBIOS) was at first introduced by IBM (a company, which is running IT consultation and computer technology business to access LAN resources. Since its creation, NetBIOS has developed as a starting point for a lot of other networking applications including International Business Machines, for example: Sytek (API). This Basic Input/Output system serves as an interface specifications to access the networking services.