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Recovery From Corrupt or Missing Software Image on Cisco device

This is a movie based on a true story. Is the issue you will have sooner or later if you are into networking and managing devices? Perhaps you will manage to upgrade hundreds of devices before you will see this happening but maybe it will be one of the first devices in production environment to go down exactly when you don’t have time for this kind of problem. Better be ready and read next short story about how is possible in very short time to revive a dead device stuck without IOS Software on it.

If you have a corrupt or missing software image on Cisco device this is the thing you should do:

Reset to the factory default using Mode button if you have the Mode button, if your device is not having that button then simply reboot the device and hit break or Esc key to stop the booting process. In this example, again, based on my true story I will take an example with recovering one of standalone Cisco Aironet Wireless Access points. It’s basically the same with all IOS devices and some devices that do not have IOS but some older software and then you want them to upgrade to IOS. It’s for example the situation with one very old Cisco Aironet AP350 device. Let’s go…

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