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OSI model – Get to know networking with 7 layer model

If you can easily understand  how the network is working you will have more time to think how to make improvements on that system, and not spend all the energy on learning and getting to figure out the things that are already done. On the other side, this layered model will guarantee you that your new technology incorporated into some new protocol, or version of protocol, will be able to function and cooperate with all other protocols in the same or other layers. This is why we need The OSI network reference model.

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UDP – User Datagram Protocol

Let’s see what is UDP – User Datagram Protocol. Inside the computer world, term “networking” is denoted to the physical joining of two machines for different purposes like communication and data distribution. But mesh of this hardware and computer’s software can communicated with each other with the help of specially designed protocols. Moreover, computer networks can be categorized on the basis of such communication languages (protocols) used by a network.

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