Next project was one of my first networking Science articles. It is a short look at latest achievements from some of the biggest networking scientists today with some short comments from my mentor and me. The work was presented at 19. International scientific conference of International Federation of Communication Associations. International scientific conference “DIT 2012” accepts and publishes scientific and professional papers and the results of interdisciplinary scientific research, whose area of interest is the development of society, education, science and technology.

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dr. sc. Božidar Kovačić & mag.edu.inf Valter Popeškić (me)
University of Rijeka – Department of Informatics
Theme: 3. New ICT technology, media and e-education;

Abstract or simply, intro…

Today’s computer networks will not be able to resolve the tangled problems that emerge from increasingly throughput-demanding services after their need for resources exceed the capabilities of today’s networking technologies. Cognitive networks have the means to resolve this issue incorporating intelligence to the network functions. Introduction to Cognitive network as a concept brings the view into the future of communication, information and learning using modern technology.

A cognitive network is a network consisting of elements that reason and have the ability to learn. In this way they self-adjust according to different unpredictable network conditions in order to optimize data transmission performance. In a cognitive network, judgments are made to meet the requirements of the network as an entire system, rather than the individual network components. The main reason of the emergence of cognitive networks is to achieve the goal of building intelligent self-adjustable networks and in the same time improve the performance. Intelligent self-adjustable networks will be able to use intelligence to determine ideal network operating state for many tunable parameters.

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