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Forwarding UDP broadcast traffic mechanisms

We will speak here about some basics about Forwarding UDP broadcast traffic. If you were wondering what Forwarding UDP broadcast traffic actually is I will try to explain it here in few words.

If you have more that one broadcast domains in your local network, let’s say that you have three VLANs. In normal networking theory it’s normal that broadcast initiated on host inside one VLAN will get to all host inside that VLAN but it will not get across to other VLAN. Typically the broadcast domain border is router or a Layer’s 3 switch VLAN interface. Although this is normal for most of broadcast traffic there needs to be a way to forward some kinds of broadcast traffic across that border. Why? Here’s a simple example. If you use DHCP, and you are, you will probably have hosts in different VLANs and all of them need to get the IP address from DHCP. If Forwarding UDP broadcast traffic didn’t exist it will be needed to have one DHCP server on every VLAN. Remember that DHCP works using broadcast traffic in some of the steps.

Simple DHCP address leasing:

Host that connects on the network will in the first step send broadcast DHCP discover message in order to find where the server is or if the server actually exist. After the HDCP replies with unicast DHCP offer host will one again use broadcast to send DHCP request to server. Server will then acknowledge the IP address leasing with unicast ACK message and that’s it.

 DHCP steps

Forwarding UDP broadcast traffic

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VLANs controling broadcast propagation

The Control of Broadcast

In every network where data is sent over to some node broadcasts take place, there are three things upon which the frequency of broadcast depends:

  • Kind of protocol
  • Type of the running functions and various applications on the internetwork
  • The way these services are utilized.

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