Month: February 2013

PBR – Policy-based Routing configuration example

Policy-Based Routing Configuration

Here we will show different examples on how to configure specific PBR types:

  • Enabling PBR on the Router
  • Fast-Switched PBR
  • Local PBR
  • CEF-Switched PBR

Enabling PBR

This command will define that the router will use PBR and that the PBR will use route-map named TEST.

R1(config)# route-map TEST permit 10

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PBR – Policy Based Routing using Route map

About Policy-Based Routing

Policy-Based Routing – PBR gives you very simple way of controlling where packets will be forwarded before they enter in the destination-based routing process of the router.

It’s a technology that gives you more control over network traffic flow because you will not always want to send certain packets by the obvious shortest path. That is the job of routing protocol. If you want to send some traffic to the destination using some other path, you will need to use a method that will catch the packet as soon as they enter into router and decides where to send packets before they enter destination-based routing process. That’s Policy-Based routing all about.

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Proxy and Reverse Proxy Server

This will be a short Reverse Proxy Caching Overview that will explain what proxy is and what is reverse proxy all about.

Normal proxy cache topology is one where the server called proxy server will be some kind of intermediate device between client and server. Proxy will receive all requests from clients and it will forward those requests to servers. The clients will think that the proxy is really the server with the content and the server will think that the Proxy is really the client asking for some resources. Proxy server is used to intercept the communication from client and evaluate the request or control the request for security reasons. On other side clients are sometimes using proxy servers to hide their identity and location because server will only see the location and IP address of proxy server and it will think that that is really the client.

We can say, normal proxy is when proxy server is proxy for clients.

In the reverse proxy, the reverse proxy server acts as a proxy for the server.

Reverse proxy is used for replication of content to different far locations and in other case for replication of content for load balancing.

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